Textile Representative

Textile Representative


During the construction phase of our site, I received the information that three blogs should be written for the site. Since I have been doing this job for 20 years, I decided to write an article introducing my profession. What is a textile agency or consultancy? I wanted to write a short article on our  daliy work life.

In the fast fashion , we,  textile  consultants, we are ,important  members  of  the apparel export industry ..

The most important key point in our business is to know all parts ,flow of the business in our market and to gain experience over time. We need to be in good relations with the market people and to  know the strong and serious producers. We often visit different factories and showrooms. We need to create a portfolio. The more you develop yourself and your team, the better you will advance and manage both your customer and manufacturer. You can anticipate all possible problems.

The organic bond you establish with your customers and producers is very important. When the producer decides to work with you, he wants to know that he will improve it and earn him. Textile representative  expects reliability and discipline from supplier. The customer wants to know that everything is ok and that the order will be delivered at the exact deadline with the least acceptable quality. The manufacturer-consultant  and the buyer working  together for many years, they know and  trust  eachother  and do not want to break away. They do not want to work with other manufacturers or representatives. So It is important to maintain this cooperation and  business  relation This is a real comfort.

Due to the COVID 19 outbreak, online sales have increased. Buyers couldn’t travel to  production countries.. In this period, it is necessary to make stocks visible in online sales, to renew models and to keep them fresh according to needs. At this point, brands that work with a good agency will have faster stocks

Fast fashion during pandemic

So who  is  textile  consultant ? First of all, we do this job with great passion and excitement. We follow a disciplined program. Our minds are always in our business, even   the daily flow of life. We never consider retiring or quitting work. 24/7, so to speak.

Healty  days,  Dicle