Manufacturing – Production Process

The main purpose of our company is to assist customers qualitatif production of their brands

Each customer is represented with our knowledge and experienced senior merchandiser following all production steps in factories and houses

As soon as we receive collection comments after sales ,we confirm a delivery time and planning production : Lab dips , fabric qualities and fitting sample are sent to customers for approvals

Before start production, Preproduction sample (pps) of each styles is sent with correct fabrics, colors, prints, accessories and labels for approval as jumping size sets.

Lead time for production : 8 weeks after order and proforma invoice confirmation

Each steps of production process is checked by our staff. We take photos and warn suppliers if there is something wrong for customer requests or customer manuel book.

Our factories and suppliers are a member of our team. They corporate with us according to customer rules and request. We know that all the operation is transparent,

We dont accept smoking and children workers in production