The most frequently asked questions

Do you do garment only in circular knitted fabrics

We  do   generally   garments  in circular  knitted  fabrics  We do pull  and  denim   production  as well  for some customer.

How Can you keep in private my collection from other custemers

We dont  present  any  collection in our  showroom  and  dont show new  collections  to  other  customers   We  keep   1  pcs only   for  production.  After  your sales in season ,we  take  photos and  do   presentation  as  references (approximately   1 year after of collection production)

What is the minimum order quantity ?

Our  minimum quantity is 300  pcs/color. This  is  because  of  dyeing  of  jersey  fabric.  We can  do  also   under 300  pcs  also but in  thes case,    the quantity of dyeing  fabric will  be  under minimum quantity of  dyehouses  and they will  give a   long dyeing  programm and    it will   take  more  time  to   take  fabric in  house  for production   ( some times  5  weeks)

What is the lead time for collection

It  is depends  on  styles and  fabric  quantity  and colors.  If  we  have  stock  fabrics we can send first prototypes in  10  days  and  finish  all  collection  in  4  weeks

What is the lead time for production

Lead time for  production  is  8  weeks  after  proforma  invoice  confirmation

Do you do your own collection and exibit in fair

Yes  we  do  2  times  in  year  a  collection  for  our  brand  ART  DE  VOGUE  and exibit  in fairs

How do you go about the patterns of the items? do you have someone that can assist with that or do we need to provide them?

Our  suppliers   have  very  Professional pattern  department. 1 or  2 pattern  makers  and  2 or 3  model makers.  We also ,we have  1  freelance  pattern  maker  for the  express  and  haute  coutre  collections

How do you go about with measurement charts for baby and child clothes

We  have very  wide  measurement and  pattern   archive from  different  customers  for  Men clothes,  Women  clothes,  baby  and  child  clothes

Do you have an in house attelier?

All  our  supplier   have  sewing band and  finish  department. Here  pictures   of  production

Could you maybe give an indication of how you position your business in this time of corona?

We  have  never  stopped  production   and never  had  problem. Because   our suplliers have  a big area  for  working  and  able   keep  social  distance in  production  and  in  kitchen,  we have  always  masks  and   air   always  the  production  area.

Suppliers  dont  accept  any  strangers   in house

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